The Certified Construction Industry Financial Professional (CCIFP®) designation provides the construction industry with a third-party verification of an individual’s knowledge - essential to ethical financial management in the industry's complex environment.

Established in 2003, and today with more than 1,000 active CCIFPs nationwide, the CCIFP credential is the only standard to recognize that a financial manager truly knows the business of construction. Certification affords you a competitive edge over your peers, by demonstrating your commitment to your profession and the construction industry as a whole by completing a rigorous construction CPA exam.
Interested in becoming a CCIFP? Wondering if you meet the eligibility requirements? How should I prepare? Watch our "Am I Certifiable?" video for answers to most of your questions.

The Twin Cities Chapter of CFMA is proud of our members’ commitment to the CCIFP designation and encourages additional members to consider obtaining this certification. As of February 1, 2019, the following members of the Twin Cities Chapter of CFMA are actively certified as Certified Construction Industry Financial Professionals (source: ICCIFP):

Paul Alberts, MBA, CPA, CCIFP
Michael Aydt, CCIFP
Jason Bakke, CCIFP
Thomas Bessel, CPA, CCIFP
Jennifer Bethke, CCIFP, CPA
Timothy Gillen, CCIFP
Alex Helkamp, CPA, CCIFP
Brandon Jones, CPA, CCIFP
Michael Kellen, CPA, CCIFP
Gretchen Kelly, CPA, CCIFP
Eric Kirschner, CCIFP
Patrick Kolb, CCIFP, CPA (inactive)
Richard Lehman, CCIFP
Jason Loven, CCIFP
Brandon Maves, CCIFP
Joel Newby, CCIFP, CPA
Michelle Richgels, CCIFP
Wade Sandy, CCIFP
Mark Schmid, CPA, CCIFP
Travis Solberg CCIFP, CPA
Todd Taggart, CCIFP
Benson Theuninck, CCIFP
Michael Utz, CCIFP
Andrew Van Gomple, CCIFP
Bryan Volk, CCIFP
Jessica Whalen, CCIFP