The Twin Cities Chapter of the CFMA could not operate at the level it does without all of our volunteers who participate on committees. Below is a list of all the committees that exist within our chapter. If you would like to get more involved, reach out to a committee chair and they'll get you plugged in! If you see a need for a new committee within our chapter, please reach out to the current president. Our chapter is always look to grow and improve so additional committee members and ideas are always welcome!


Membership Committee

Tom Opfar, Chair

Ryan Everhart

Programs Committee

Eric Kirschner, Chair

Leo Faugsten

Logan Carter

Joe Pucel

Chris Keller

Justin Gillette



Scholarship Committee

John Markert, Chair

Mike Michelsen

Doug MacArthur

Chris Gorans

Alan Starks

Nate Stein

Communications Committee

Amy Hanson, Chair

Kari Nix

Justin Burgos

Hillary Dunn

Golf Committee

Nate Weaver, Chair

Collin Mayer

Nick Chapin

Ryan Szarzynski



CFMA Day Committee

Marie Barnum, Chair

Lorie Eaker

Jason Bakke

Tara Schini

Theresa Weatherly

Matt Arnold

Erik Gunkel



Education Committee

Jason Bakke, Chair