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Enterprise Risk Manager
Duininck Companies, LLC Job Description

Reports to: CFO Department: Administration

Job Summary

The primary function of the Duininck Companies Enterprise Risk Manager is to lead the identification, measurement and management of risk, procurement of insurance,implementation of risk management policies/procedures and general education of risk management issues across the Duininck Companies entities.

Cultural Expectations

  • Actively take on challenges with unwavering commitment to the company vision.
  • Work hard but have fun, value relationships and foster interests outside of work.
  • Healthy accountability; be open, transparent, honest and direct even when it is uncomfortable.
  • Embrace and promote change to solve issues as servant leaders committed to making improvements necessary to realize the company vision.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Risk Management Education and Assessment:
  • Establish a common risk management philosophy and structure followed by the companies
  • Maintain Awareness of the general operational scopes of the Duininck Entities in order to support the education and oversight of risk related issues across the network of companies
  • Identify and measure all forms of risk in the entities, which may include operational, financial, commodity, political, reputational, supplier, compliance and business risk in addition to insurable and hazard risk.
  • Ensure that the company is adequately insured and indemnified.
  • Work with operations leadership to manage the risks in all areas of the business
  • Annually review master subcontractor agreements and any other core contract documents used by the companies
  • Educate owners and business leaders/managers to understand hazards and risks as well as our corresponding insurance coverage or other risk management tools.
  • Audit certificates of insurance at least annually for each entity
  • Implement core risk management processes throughout the network of companies
  • Maintain active involvement with our insurance captive (ACIG) to continually learn from other companies and contribute to the captive group
  • Utilize available service from our Broker to educate key personnel within theccompanies
  • Review risk industry publications to be aware of what is happening in risk management
Procurement of Business Insurance:
  • Collaborate with CFO to develop relationship with the brokers to ensure the best value received on our insurance program
  • Gather information for insurance applications for coverage from company sources
  • Oversee the RFP process and insure appropriate levels of coverage are provided 
  • Find resources that will provide insurance industry trends relative to pricing and coverage.
  • Ensure policies do not lapse
  • Review policies annually
  • Review broker services provided and broker performance annually
Claims Management:
  • Manage D-MN insurance related claims including worker’s compensation
  • Manage any D-MN claim related mediation
  • Select attorneys for any claim related litigation
  • Be the primary contact and relationship manager for any law firms retained for claim management
  • Work with the divisions and the broker on larger claims to ensure that the information on the claims is gathered in a way that will assist the insurer in understanding the claim and encourage prompt payment for losses.
  • Oversee claims management process for all entities within the company in line with ACIG guidelines; directly manage or collaborate on all large claims or mediation of claims system wide
  • Be a part of all claim reviews including the quarterly ACIG claims reviews.
  • Develop a more in depth cause related incident/accident investigation process
  • Manage the claim/accident/incident investigation process
  • Manage the initial accident/incident response process
  • Develop a property loss prevention program and education component to go with it to reduce losses associated with Auto Liability claims and equipment damage
  • Stay on top of the latest trends (i.e. sub-contractor default, product defect, etc.); evaluate Duininck Co.’s exposure to those risks and recommend course of action
  • Oversee Facility security plans (directly manage in local area)
  • Provide review and consultation services for entity Environmental Health & Safety programs
  • Conduct audits to insure required minimums are being met from a risk management perspective. Examples DOT/driver files, equipment repair files, certificates of insurance, contracts & subcontracts, etc.
  • Be a resource of available to conduct or outsource training that would benefit company affiliates in their risk management. Example would be recall training for InHarvest.
  • Work with divisions to develop a high risk list to call their attention to areas that they need to pay special attention to managing to bring these risks to acceptable levels. Example in highway heavy divisions would include truck accidents, traffic control and employee injury.
  • Manage certificates of insurance
Crisis Management
  • Develop a formalized Crisis Management protocol for entity management implementation
  • Maintain oversite & support of entity Crisis Management plans
  • Train key personnel to support roll out the Crisis Management protocol/plan
  • Set up for annual review of the protocol and refresher training

Job Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Business Management:
  • Solid working knowledge of construction and manufacturing industries and general risk management issues
  • Comfortable leading companywide oversight of various risk related activities
  • Conduct site visit inspections of primary company facilities at least 1x per year
  • Maintain regular oversite of key metrics for safety and claims
  • Maintain appropriate documentation for all aspects of the risk management function
  • Establish annual plans and quarterly goals
People Management:
  • Ability to work with all levels of people; employees, managers, leaders, outside consultants and others as part of a collaborative relationship aimed at meeting 
    organizational goals
  • Actively build and maintain successful professional relationships throughout the industry to stay up on current trends and maintain access to critical expertise related to risk management.
  • Actively build and maintain relationships with key staff and leaders within the organization
  • Ability to convey important risk management concepts and new procedures to the organization
Self Management:
  • Ability to ensure that organizational practices, policies and decisions are consistent with a culture of integrity and trust
  • Ability to improve organizational processes and systems to drive business growth
  • Annually attend at least one conference related to the type of work the company does that provides growth in the area of risk management. Submit a summary of the meeting to upper management pointing out areas that challenge the company to change.

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Management or related field, or equivalent experience required,
  • Ten years of Finance & Administrative management experience in a complex, construction or manufacturing organization preferred
  • CRIS or similar certification preferred
  • Minimum of five years of insurance procurement experience, preferably in the areas of general liability, excess liability, workers compensation, pollution, food safety, property, auto and aircraft.
  • Experience with captive insurance programs preferred

Supervisory Responsibilities:

  • Dotted line to entity claims management and safety personnel

Advisory Responsibilities

  • None

Work Environment/Physical Demands:

  • Regularly required to stand, sit and move about the facility
  • Ability to navigate construction job sites and production facilities including climbing ladders, stairs, trenches and other related site hazards common to our industries.